This is your homepage. You will want to ensure it is inviting and useful. This is your audience’s first impression of you and your site, so keep it clean and concise. You will want to personalize this page. Take this opportunity to welcome your visitors and introduce yourself. Make it fun! If you’re comfortable, create a “talking head” video or an audio file, but no worries, written text is also great. If using an audio file or text, consider adding a profile picture. The goal here is to let visitors get to know you!

Next, state your site’s purpose. If your ePortfolio (wait, what’s this now?) is designed primarily for in-course or program use (assessment item) add a paragraph describing the assessment’s criteria as this is the sites purpose. Your ePortfolio may have been requested by an admission committee as part of an application package for a graduate or post-graduate program or you may be offering it to potential employers as part of an application package. Let your visitors know why they should read more. ePortfolios are live public facing websites so it is important that visitors know why they should want to stay and look around. When editing this page as well as all other pages in your site, it is important to remember it is up to you to ensure the colors, fonts, icons and images suit the tone, message, audience, and purpose of your ePortfolio as you have the option to change these features.

This site is using the free Ascend theme’s portfolio grid layout. Kadence themes provides great documentation for the free version of the Ascend theme, if you need more help then we provide go to:

Note: This is a highly technical theme, it is not for the faint of tech heart!

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